Meet the Author

Thank you so much for stopping by! For a little background on myself, I have always loved writing. I studied journalism at Howard University in Washington DC, where I wrote for the school newspaper, news for the radio station and I also interned in the news department with Black Entertainment Television, BET.  My focus at the time was broadcast journalism and I dreamed of being the next big anchor. A few professors told me my writing was too creative for news and that I showed too much of myself and had to stay out of the story. I was to state facts only. One thing you should know about me now, I don't have a poker face. If only I had realized then what I know now...

Since graduating, I became a wife, a mom to three beautiful children and have had many different jobs. In all the children's picture books I've read, I've realized how under represented my kids are in books. Now I am on a mission to write and promote other authors who are also trying to tighten the gap in our youth's book demographics. It only took me 15 years to find my way back to writing, but I'm here now. 

One book at a time!